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Hi, what's up everybody, my name is Clyde Hamrick and this is my site! I work at a microbrewery here in New York but I also do homebrews. I thought this site would be cool to share some of my best tips and tricks on bottling beer, making cool labels and bottle capping. This is my first internet site and I would really would appreciate any feedback or comments from you! Also, if you give me some suggestions, I'd be glad to write some articles on anything related. Thanks for your time, Clyde.

Designing A Beer Bottle Label

The label on a beer bottle is just as important as the beer itself. The beer label should capture one’s attention and invoke curiosity whilst introducing the brand. Beer bottle labels also carry a lot of information, which usually depends on the regulations of where the beer was brewed. There are also certain legal requirements which dictate what should be included on the beer label, the most obvious requirement being the volume of alcohol.

Designing a beer label is definitely a good opportunity for some genuine creativity, imagination and artistry. There are several micro-breweries that are trying to compete in the alcohol industry and a striking design can help them stand out from the crowd.

The requirement to include certain information and details about the beer on the bottle is only applicable to beer which is sold commercially. So, if one is brewing the beer at home for their own use, they can design their own label as they like or please. One should take this opportunity to present their custom made design in a more artistic light with the help of one of the many techniques that commercial breweries make use of.

In order to design and print a beer label, one needs to focus on two main stages. Firstly, the design stage where one successfully conceives a new label design from scratch. There are a numerous templates online that can be used when one has trouble coming up with something original.
Secondly, Once the design has been created, one needs to get it printed. A professional printer will get the job done with optimum results. That, however, is the case only if one intends to produce a lot of beer labels, otherwise the cost per unit will be may be too expensive.

The Advantages Of Beer Label Makers

Making one’s own beer labels with the help of an in-house, high quality label maker is ideal for the production of small batches. Microbreweries everywhere have started using label makers to print beer labels since they are convenient, fast and affordable. With their own piece of equipment, beer brewers do not need to keep pre-printed beer labels in stock and can avoid delays by printing new beer labels instantly.

Beer makers need not worry about minimum purchase requirements as required by commercial label printers, when a label maker is used to print beer labels and beer brewers are allowed to make as many beer labels as they want for each unique brew. In other words, one does not necessarily have to be concerned with buying expensive labels made by a third party company when they can make and create their own beer labels easily and quickly. They can also provide customers with custom-made beer labels. For instance, a beer bottle with a personalized label featuring a customer’s photo, name and a special message, is an ideal gift. These are perfect for wedding presents and corporate gifts or a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

One does not even need a lot of artistic experience or technical knowledge to use a label maker. The equipment that exists today can practically make anybody an expert beer label maker in a matter of minutes.

One must bear in mind the fact that on their first few tries, the labels may not turn out they way they had expected it to look. The solution to this problem is to spend more time on the label maker and getting used to the equipment. One can carry out a few test runs and make certain adjustments while they’re at it. Within a short period of time, they will learn how to create incredible and exotic beer labels.