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Hi, what's up everybody, my name is Clyde Hamrick and this is my site! I work at a microbrewery here in New York but I also do homebrews. I thought this site would be cool to share some of my best tips and tricks on bottling beer, making cool labels and bottle capping. This is my first internet site and I would really would appreciate any feedback or comments from you! Also, if you give me some suggestions, I'd be glad to write some articles on anything related. Thanks for your time, Clyde.

Making Your Own Beer Labels

Brewing beer is not complete without making the right label to go with one’s bottled brew. Affixing a custom made label to the bottle gives one the opportunity to add their personal touch to the beer, these could include anything from logos to information about the beer. The label is the face of a beer and a custom made label provides an insight into the personality of the beer company. Making a beer label can be quite easy if one has all the right tools required to create the label.

Firstly, one needs to choose a software they would like to use to design the label with. There are a number of software packages available such as Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, Paint Shop Pro. There is also a free software known as GIMP that can be used to design the beer label.

Next, one needs to choose the size of labels. One can visit a local office supply shop to check if they have pre-stick labels available in the required size. The only disadvantage of pre-stick labels is that they are very difficult to pull off the bottle in case one wants to re-use the beer bottles.

If one does not want to make use of pre-stick labels, then they might want to consider purchasing labels on the internet that are designed and intended exclusively for use on beer bottles.

Once the size of the label is decided upon, one needs to align and adjust the document using the software so that it is the correct size.

Subsequently, one should carry on with designing their label with the required software tools and can also make use of clip art that may enhance the design. One should use their imagination and creativity to come up with a catchy and clever name for their beer.

Once satisfied with the design, one should move on to printing the beer labels. If one has purchased the labels from a store, they need to follow the instructions regarding page setup in order to print multiple copies at once. One may be required to export the design to .jpg format and use the label function in Microsoft Word to get them spaced properly and accurately. One could also open a new document with dimensions of 8.5 x 11 inches and copy and paste as many labels as they want on to the page before printing the document.

Finally, after the labels have been printed, one can add them to the beer bottles. This is easier if one has purchased sticky labels.

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